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Legends of the Ring Saturday

May 12, 2010

I have been traveling the world wrestling outside of WWE for the last few months. One of the things I look forward the most is running into old friends. Wrestling is like a very dysfunctional family,but we are still family. I haven’t seen some of my old friends in almost 10 years. As soon as I do, it is like we never left.

hen I was a kid, there was never any conventions or places to meet wrestlers, except at the matches.
Yes times have changed, but one thing that makes it all worth it to me, is the stories that the fans tell me. Their stories of how either I or ECW effected their lives. Even if it is for a couple of minutes, it makes it all worth while to me to hear this. I truly love meeting the people that watched me thru the years.

This Saturday, May 15 I will have the chance to do it again. The Legends of the Ring Fanfest is coming to Monroe NJ. It is a chance to meet some of the people, that have entertained you through the years. I as a fan of pro wrestling, also get to meet some wrestlers that I never have met before. I am bringing my Ivan Koloff and Jimmy Valiant books to be signed. I am gonna tell them thanks for making me a fan.

You never know what is going to happen tomorrow, you may not ever get the chance to see some of those people ever again. I haven’t seen the man who trained me WWE Hall Of Famer Johnny Rodz in forever. I look forward to seeing him personally.

If you need any other reasons to come to one of the larger wrestling conventions I have formulated a list of why I would personally want to be there and look forward in doing so.

1. For collector’s purposes: The WWE Encyclopedia everyone asks me to sign. It is a chance to get them signed from people that rarely do any conventions. Rico, Ivory, The Mean Street Posse and I even heard A-Train is pulling himself away from the sushi buffet and he is going to make it. I hope I see a Hip Hop Hippo picture somewhere.

2. TNA owner Dixie Carter is going to be there. She is also going to be answering your questions. I don’t see Vince doing that at Wrestlemania Fan AXXESS.
3. Divas, Knockouts, Playboy Playmates are there.(sorry, I am a guy!) I will have my own Penthouse Pet and Playboy girl with me Beulah McGillicutty there. I hear she never gets out of the house.

4. Movie star Kurrgan of 300 and Sherlock Holmes is in the house. Hopefully he won’t dance.

5.You can tell Brother Love how much you LOVEEEEE him or hate him depending if you know him or not.

6. WWE Hall Of Famer Gerald Brisco – You can tell how much him and his brother meant to tag team wrestling.

7. Over 12 people that held World championships.

8. Current TNA talent will be there representing their brand

9. WWE HOFers will be there

10.Many trendsetters and people that did it first will be there. Before John Cena brought his Thuganomics to the world of wrestling P N News was Yo babying on the scene. The first Diva Sunny. The first female ring announcer Mike McGuirk

Finally if you are getting sick of reading my lists of why I think you should attend this Saturday Legends of the Ring Convention. Stevie Richards is going to be there. I heard he is a Doctor now. He can cure your sickness

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Tommy Dreamer



An Extreme Original

April 29, 2010

Today is a day of rememberence for me. An unknown hero of  ECW was laid to rest today. Many people have heard stories of the crazy Original ECW. Some have even grown into urban legend. Some stories have been fabricated or truth stretched in DVD’s,books or movies. I was there through most of the stories and have a fond memories of them all. The tv show ECW was produced in a small surburban home in Pelham NY. Someone’s den was converted into a tv studio and all of those great TV moments came from that house. Lena Buffone was the woman who let ECW into her house. She was one of the nicest person I have ever met. She was an old school Italian woman, who welcomed every ECW  wrestler into her home. I spent much of my twenties  in that studio learning, creating and becoming a bigger fan of the business I love. Lena put up with crazy Paul E yelling on the phone trying to fix one of ECW many problems. Wrestler interviews were done in her basement. All the Joey Styles OH My Gods came from her house. Her kitchen table would be surrounded with tapes that had to go to the different tv studios. She would interupt her own families laundry so we could do interviews. One time some wrestlers went out to smoke a “special ” cigarettes and when they thought they got busted in an uncomfortable situation, she offered then ashtrays as she described for their funny little cigarettes. ECW was 24hours a day for me,Paul and her son Ron. We would work through the night editing the tv show and Joey Styles would come in the morning to voice over the finished product. She would leave food out for us at night and have breakfast in the morning. She made a cameo apperance in the movie Beyond the Mat, ironing clothes which was set up for movie purposes, but wasn’t to far of a stretch of the truth. Wrestlers would stroll thru her living room to create their interviews so their stories would be continued. Pitbulls  with their chains,Gangsta’s, Shane Douglass, Rick Rude, scantily clad women, Raven,BWO and Mick Foley’s favorite promos were done in her house.

I just wanted the world to know about an unsung hero of  ECW’s passing. Without her love and support of her family, ECW would have never aired anywhere. She didn’t want anyone to be sad of her passing. So I wanted to share some great thoughts with my other family, the wrestling world. I will miss seeing you every Christmas Eve. I hope when I get to heaven you are waiting for me with a plate of pasta because as she always said “I am a growing boy”. Maybe in her honor you can all think of a great moment from someone that has passed or better yet reach out to someone and let them know how much you care about them.

Lena Buffone I annoint you as the Matraich of ECW, because without you ECW couldn’t have existed. I am a better person for having you in my life. Now that some of  your story has been told, I hope the rest of the world is as well. God bless

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Tommy Dreamer

An Extreme Original

March 22, 2010

I have decided to rename my blog since I am no longer with WWE. I went with the title because it is who I am. I am proud of it and it can relate to a literary masterpiece or the ramblings of a crazy man. If you are on this site well you already know all of that about me anyway. So I hope you enjoy my new blog. It is nothing earth shattering just giving all a glimpse into my week ahead of me.

I am about to leave on an awesome adventure. I am headed to Vegas today to do a Communications convention on Tuesday. I leave Tuesday night to arrive back in NY at 7:00 am just to fly out at 1:00 pm to Japan. I arrive on Thursday night in Japan, then we have a press conference and a show on Friday night where I will be seeing my good friend Taijiri. We are having a special meet and greet after the show so I can hang with all of my Japanese extreme friends. Then on Saturday I fly from Japan to LA, then LA to Phoenix wrestle on Dragon’s Gate show and then fly home the same evening with a brief layover in Minneapolis. I arrive on Sunday morning. I will be leaving again on Monday morning for a few days, but I will update everyone after that. I will be without a computer so I will have limited axcess but will keep you posted when I can. Be safe have a great week. Enjoy your Wrestlemania weekend.

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Tommy Dreamer