An Extreme Original

I want to apologize for not staying on top of my website with blogs. I had a very busy summer alot of personal things going on, where I did not have my laptop. Sadly I dont know my own passwords, plus I am not the most computer literate guy in the world to begin with. My addiction to Twitter plays a factor, for updating everyone to my thoughts of the moment, but no excuses. I figure that I can blog once a week on this site. I am happy with the amount of positive reviews the site has gotten. I have a great team that works on it, that I am forever grateful to call friends. They just updated my store for tshirts and soon 8 x 10 photos and whatever other things I can think of. I have been always answering emails that I get on the site so I hope all that send them are happy. I am proud of how it looks and will continue to upgrade it.

I am so excited about this weekend for many reasons.
1. My first TNA Live Events.
I went to a show when I was under contract with WWE. It so reminded me of the days of ECW. rabid crowds that love their wrestling. I have heard about the TNA fan friendly show. If anyone that knows me(obviosly you do if you are reading this) You know I love that. I look forward to seeing how TNA handles this extremely important aspect of the wrestling business.

On Friday at 8 am I return to The Danny Bonaduce Radio show. Danny is hardcore, nuts, extreme and a wrestling fan. He is a perfect fit for the wrestling buisness. I enjoy promoting the hell out of all shows. I really enjoy doing radio. (Some even say i have the face for it). Danny knows the product and you have a free forum on his show. The last time I was on his show I gave him a concussion, compliments of a guitar over the head. he was lucky Jeff Jarrett wasn’t there. he swings a mighty one as well. Who knows what will happen next. Look forward to the mayhem. Throw in Sign O mania in Philly on Sat morning.A huge autograpgh convention. the fan in me comes out when I see some of the legends as well as catching up with old friends.

What a great loop of live events. Hammerstein Ballroom,NY Thursday. ECW Arena Philly on Friday, Rahway NJ on Sat. I don’t just like it because I have homefield advantage. I have so much history in the Hammerstein Ballroom and the ECW Arena. The saying of blood sweat and tears can never be so true.(There is enough of my DNA splattered all over that building either CSI NY, Dexter or basically you could have a clone show made of me there) I have so many amazing memories in those two buildings. They really seem to bring out the best in ring performances in me. I refused to go back to either building since I left the Original ECW, until I did it on my own terms. Stubborn yes, but it was so worth it. ECW ONS 2005 was the first time I went back to Hammerstein. A show that I had everything invested in. WWE gave me the ball and everyone helped deliver an amazing show. I almost lost my ear, bled buckets and set on fire.(what a night I had my ECW closure ohh yeah I cried with fans) ECW ONS 2006 another great night in ring tagging with Terry Funk and Beulah vs Edge and Mick Foley and Lita. Alot was hanging in the balance with the future of the WWE’s ECW another amazing PPV was delivered. I was beaten, thrown in barbed wire, watched Mick Foley go on fire, and Beulah took one of the greatest spears ever. I returned one last time for a tv taping with the Sandman vs Mike Knoxx & Test. I was bloody, thrown in barbed wire. I had my last grasp at what WWE’s ECW should have been, but at least I got to leave my hand print all over Kelly Kelly’s booty. I had one of my favorite matches there in OG ECW the I Quit match with CW Anderson. I was thrown in razor wire in that one. I was part of a back to back sellouts in a tag title tournanment. It was the home of the OG ECW last PPV. I don’t know what I can do to top what I have done. I guess some combo of barbed wire, fire, tables, women. I have the perfect opponent for it Abyss monsters ball match. God do I love my job!

I have been back to the ECW arena twice. Once to start off the WWE ECW live event tour. It was so emotional. We all had such high hopes. It was a great night. I took on the ECW Champion the Big Show. Weapons galour and tables. I was really proud of the match. The second time was for Chikara. They inducted me into the building Hall of Fame. Chikara is so different and entertaining to me. They have their own niche. It is a very fast tempo style. I challenged myself to fit their style. I was very happy with that match as well. There isnt enough things I can say about the ECW Arena. The memories are forever in my soul. I can sum it up this way. I was born Thomas Laughlin in Yonkers NY. When I die I will be most remembered for being Tommy Dreamer. Tommy Dreamer was born in the ECW Arena in Philadelphia. I wouldn’t have it any other way. AJ Styles you will get to see what I am all about and why that building is so special.

Rahway, NJ was the first show I did after I left WWE for an independent company called EVOLVE. It was an uncertain time for me but it made me remember why I got into this buisness. I watched a bunch of men and women busting their asses for the love of what they do, the wrestling biz. Since then I have evolved as a person and peformer. I also am looking to a first, with me and Mr.Anderson as well as Jeff Hardy and Abyss in a fatal four way.

They say you can you can always go home. I am blessed with so many places to call home. I am going back to my roots. I am coming home.
Thanks for reading
Tommy Dreamer


4 Responses to “An Extreme Original”

  1. Lindsey Lake Says:

    Very impressive and informative blog! It proves just how inteeligent and talented you really are! I love watching you, always have but even more now! Looking forward to many more years of Tommy Dreamer doing what he loves and everybody loves for him to do! Be Well! A very obsessed fan!!

  2. Douglas Says:

    Dreamer i’m from Brazil, Congratulations for your entire career, you bled for the fans. we thank you for everything, good luck in TNA, without a shadow of doubt the events live in NY and Phi, will be great……

  3. Debbie Poth Says:

    Another great Blog! Bless your family for all they have been through this summer. Your family is strong, you all have proven that.
    As a wrestler you have entertained us for 20 years,& continue to everyweek, thank you for that. As a person I have Bern honored to
    meet, & even mire honored to call a friend, you know how much you mean to us. Sierra STILL smiles at the mention of your name. Sometimes I think she gets her inner strength from seeing you, or hearing your voice. Bless you my friend,& thank you again

  4. CJ Says:

    I am seriously looking forward to seeing you in Philly. I’ll try not to sound to markish, but for a variety of reasons you have been my favorite wrestler since the mid 90’s. While I was able to see you in various place in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area in the old and new ECW, I was never able to see you wrestle in The Arena. I can’t wait for this and good luck in your match with AJ.

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