An Extreme Original

Today is a day of rememberence for me. An unknown hero of  ECW was laid to rest today. Many people have heard stories of the crazy Original ECW. Some have even grown into urban legend. Some stories have been fabricated or truth stretched in DVD’s,books or movies. I was there through most of the stories and have a fond memories of them all. The tv show ECW was produced in a small surburban home in Pelham NY. Someone’s den was converted into a tv studio and all of those great TV moments came from that house. Lena Buffone was the woman who let ECW into her house. She was one of the nicest person I have ever met. She was an old school Italian woman, who welcomed every ECW  wrestler into her home. I spent much of my twenties  in that studio learning, creating and becoming a bigger fan of the business I love. Lena put up with crazy Paul E yelling on the phone trying to fix one of ECW many problems. Wrestler interviews were done in her basement. All the Joey Styles OH My Gods came from her house. Her kitchen table would be surrounded with tapes that had to go to the different tv studios. She would interupt her own families laundry so we could do interviews. One time some wrestlers went out to smoke a “special ” cigarettes and when they thought they got busted in an uncomfortable situation, she offered then ashtrays as she described for their funny little cigarettes. ECW was 24hours a day for me,Paul and her son Ron. We would work through the night editing the tv show and Joey Styles would come in the morning to voice over the finished product. She would leave food out for us at night and have breakfast in the morning. She made a cameo apperance in the movie Beyond the Mat, ironing clothes which was set up for movie purposes, but wasn’t to far of a stretch of the truth. Wrestlers would stroll thru her living room to create their interviews so their stories would be continued. Pitbulls  with their chains,Gangsta’s, Shane Douglass, Rick Rude, scantily clad women, Raven,BWO and Mick Foley’s favorite promos were done in her house.

I just wanted the world to know about an unsung hero of  ECW’s passing. Without her love and support of her family, ECW would have never aired anywhere. She didn’t want anyone to be sad of her passing. So I wanted to share some great thoughts with my other family, the wrestling world. I will miss seeing you every Christmas Eve. I hope when I get to heaven you are waiting for me with a plate of pasta because as she always said “I am a growing boy”. Maybe in her honor you can all think of a great moment from someone that has passed or better yet reach out to someone and let them know how much you care about them.

Lena Buffone I annoint you as the Matraich of ECW, because without you ECW couldn’t have existed. I am a better person for having you in my life. Now that some of  your story has been told, I hope the rest of the world is as well. God bless

Thanks for reading

Tommy Dreamer


18 Responses to “An Extreme Original”

  1. Robert Dalton Says:

    Moving story Tommy. Sounds like an amazing woman. There’s one more bright star in heaven tonight. RIP Lena.

  2. Jeremy Brooks Says:

    As soon as I saw the name Buffone, I had a feeling I somewhat knew where that was going. Great detail into showing the difference between those who were a part of the company vs those who WERE the company. God Bless, Lena.

  3. adam Says:

    Thank you Tommy for letting us know. We as fans loved ECW so much that this news is sad to us. I may not have known her but we were blessed with ECW it seems because of her.

  4. Linda Says:

    that was a beautiful and touching tribute. May she rest in peace.

  5. Kris Karcher Says:

    Great article. you don’t ever see people giving credit to the “unsung Heroes” of ECW. You did a great job of giving this lady her “props” and i really enjoyed this article.

  6. Koriander (Codename Sailor Earth) Says:

    My condolences, Tommy. I had never heard this tale before. God bless her soul.

  7. Edje Says:

    Being in Europe, I never had the chance to watch the original ECW. Caught up with a lot of stuff through Dvd and the internet though.

    Great way to remember Lena, sharing the memories with the rest of the world. Gives everybody the chance to get to know someone who never was in the spotlight, but was such an important factor in ECW’s tv shows.


  8. Joe Says:

    I was very sad to hear about Miss Buffone’s passing. Until I read this, I’m not sure if I ever knew her name, but I was aware of her contributions to making ECW possible. Without her, many of my favorite wrestlers (including you) may have never been able to break out, and for giving you guys that opportunity, she should always be remembered and will be missed by myself and others. I’m sorry for the loss of someone who was clearly very special to you and thank you so much for sharing these memories with your fans.

  9. Lord Gow Says:

    Thank you, Tommy, and thank you Lena as well.

  10. Dilan Says:

    I read your blog its interesting. thanks for keeping your fans update around the world. Tommy you are a great person

  11. jon forbes Says:

    Tommy, you are a class act. im a huge fan and appreciate your efforts to put on a good show and take mad bumps even when only a handful of fans were there. I was in attendance for you asnd Steve Corino in Flint Michigan you guys tore down the house for our pissant lil town it was one of the greatest shows Ive ever seen and Ive seen them all form Wrestlemanias to indies and that show will be in my mind as the fondest of memories. The sandman even singeled me out for the beer chug and soaked my shirt with budweiser!lol goodtimes goodtimes I saw you after word and said “good stuff Tommy” you gave me a kind look but I could tell you were in pain. I will say a prayer for Lena she sounds like an amazing soul. Just like you. Ther is one guy out here who appreciates you. Hope I get to see you again someday. your unseen friend Jonny5

  12. Sebastian Says:

    yeah…remember that cameo…and knew the effort, intelligence and love cause nobody now do what you (and ECW) did…… thanks for the memories…. god bless you! and the extremist……

  13. David E. Powell Says:

    Thank you so much Tommy, for posting this, for now I can thank her.

    I worked night shifts for a few years while ECW was on so I caught it on Philly 57 every week while at work. The stuff you guys did in that house made the night shift rock and actually be fun. Big props and God bless Mrs. Buffone.

    David in New Jersey

  14. Adam Hughes Says:

    Beautiful blog Tommy. I always heard the stories about doing the interviews and production in someone’s basement but I never knew the whole story. What an amazing person. Long live the Original ECW.

  15. Frazer Says:

    Wow what an amazing person. Thankyou Lena we all owe you so much RIP

  16. L.J.G Says:

    It’s very sad that she passed… She was enormous. I’ll have a one minute silence for her. Rest in peace, Lena. I really miss you Thom… ECW has changed into NXT and I think it is better because the real ECW will not exist again without you, Sand Man, Sabu or Jerry… God, how much will I spend just for your autograph…? 🙂

  17. Unsane Says:

    This was heart felt and well writen. I always thought that this was a legend, but still RIP, I thank her for helping ECW, she deservies much cridt

  18. n.c. Says:

    tommy thanks for sharing this part of wrestling history.
    thanks to miss Lena .Rip.

    me,as italian from italia im glad twice that a special person like lena was a part of original ecw which ill always love it .

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