An Extreme Original

I have decided to rename my blog since I am no longer with WWE. I went with the title because it is who I am. I am proud of it and it can relate to a literary masterpiece or the ramblings of a crazy man. If you are on this site well you already know all of that about me anyway. So I hope you enjoy my new blog. It is nothing earth shattering just giving all a glimpse into my week ahead of me.

I am about to leave on an awesome adventure. I am headed to Vegas today to do a Communications convention on Tuesday. I leave Tuesday night to arrive back in NY at 7:00 am just to fly out at 1:00 pm to Japan. I arrive on Thursday night in Japan, then we have a press conference and a show on Friday night where I will be seeing my good friend Taijiri. We are having a special meet and greet after the show so I can hang with all of my Japanese extreme friends. Then on Saturday I fly from Japan to LA, then LA to Phoenix wrestle on Dragon’s Gate show and then fly home the same evening with a brief layover in Minneapolis. I arrive on Sunday morning. I will be leaving again on Monday morning for a few days, but I will update everyone after that. I will be without a computer so I will have limited axcess but will keep you posted when I can. Be safe have a great week. Enjoy your Wrestlemania weekend.

Thanks for reading
Tommy Dreamer


8 Responses to “An Extreme Original”

  1. Adam McAvoy Says:

    Wishing u a safe trip as well as wonderful time.

    Adam in Albany NY

  2. vinny Says:

    hey tommy keep it extreme safe travels!!! hope the family is well hope!!! god bless.

  3. Dilan Says:

    Tommy its me Dilan From SRi LAnka
    twitter name is dilanWWE

    Hey your blog is awesome Tommy.. keep on updating what you doing that’s cool!!

    haha hope you having a great week end take care in Japan.

    have a great day !! I wish you all the success
    I will be with you forever as a Fan.

  4. John Says:

    I met Tajiri a long time ago… WMX8 weekend in Toronto. Class act. Super nice guy.

  5. LJG Says:

    I love Japan! I always wanted to go there πŸ˜‰ I started to learn some Japanieese, but I am so lazy πŸ˜› I wish you safe travel and good time with your friends! πŸ™‚

  6. christina wood Says:

    Tommy – I applaud your continued endeavors in and out of the ring – you are greatly missed by WWE fans but I for one am glad we can still keep up with you:)

  7. Nick Says:

    I wish you a safe trip and have and have an EXTREME time

  8. Jonathan Says:

    Like the name change, glad things are well. Keeping busy is good. Travel safely.

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