A Last Original Thought

Well this is my last blog but before I go I need to address a few things.

1. I will still answer any questions on WWEUniverse till April 1,2010(not an early April Fools joke)

You can all follow me on Twitter or at my brand new website TheTommyDreamer.com

I will continue to answer all your questions just like I do here.

2. My favorite WWE/ECW was sharing the grandest stage of them all Wrestlemania 23. I had my close friends as my partners(RVD Sabu Sandman) we faced a very talented group of men(all of whom I got jobs for in WWE). My dear friends Joey Styles and Taz got to call the action. Announcer Justin Roberts and referee Scott Armstrong made their Mania debuts. Behind the scenes my friend and former ECW original Dean Malenko and my idol Dusty Rhodes helped make the match happen. Most importantly Beulah McGillicutty and my kids got to see their first Wrestlemania and the first time seeing daddy wrestle(they were more impressed with the “fireworks” but still it was cool for me). It was for me a perfect night. I was at the very first Wrestlemania. It left such an impression with me. It took me a lifetime but I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else that night. I had a way to show the world what ECW was all about, what could have been and I could have only dreamed a better way to do it.(Wrestler’s note the Extreme Rules rematch 2 days later was a better match but not the setting and we lost that one so don’t watch it haha)

3. My leaving WWE was the hardest thing to do in my life. I refer to it as WWE A.D.(After Dreamer).I worked almost 10 years there. I truly liked, all the people associated with the company. I miss them and the fans everyday. I left for many reasons, which I will not discuss here. ECW was my world and all that I have is because of ECW. My connection to the fans is something that means so much to me. Fact, when I was the main event on ECW I was the highest rated main event every year. You can look it up. (me and Chavo Guerrero 1.6, me and Mark Henry 1.5, me and Koslov 1.3 and that match was poopoo. Hell me and Big Daddy V did a 1.2) many men and women came on that show and it was good old reliable me that was the highest rated every year. That is a hard pill to swallow, when you hear of the failing ratings of ECW. Networks wanting to change the show because of ratings. If you want to read into my leaving ECW, you can relate it to the Conan O Brien saga with his show. I felt I left my mark in WWE with the many men and women I hired to help realize their dreams. The many people I have encountered in my tenure in WWE is something I hold deep within my heart. I hope that I have influenced your life somehow, because you all have influenced mine. See you on Twitter or thetommydreamer.com

Thanks for the memories

Be good to each other


Tommy Dreamer


7 Responses to “A Last Original Thought”

  1. CJordan Says:

    Dude your an amazing wrestler. Your one of my all time favorites for sure. Sucks wwe released you. The old school ECW was the shit. I wish vince would of kept it that way. I think you should go over to TNA they need more guys like you. I watched wrestling for about 12 years now and WWE has become boring to me. There’s too much storyline BS and not enough wrestling. I still watch it though because I’m a hardcore wrestling fan but I prefer TNA now because there’s so much more talent and the quality of wrestling is so much better. It’s like you can’t watch a match on wwe any more without any mess ups in the match. I remember when that was rare. That’s why I think you would fit a lot better in tna because your a phenomonal wrestler.

  2. Jeff H. Says:

    Actually, it should be the other way around. Thank YOU for the great memories. You represented an era in wrestling and an organization like no other that we will never get to witness again. Wrestling memories just would not be the same without you and ECW. Good luck as you travel down whatever road life takes you. You have a beautiful family and you will be greatly missed.

  3. kevcampbell Says:

    will you go to tna tommy? i do not think you will answer that question, but i hope you do go there, rvd is there now, all tna needs now is you and sabu and hopefully 1 day paul heyman

    take care tommy i will always be a fan

  4. Anthony Says:

    Tommy dreamer, i don’t know if you will read this and you might hear this alot from your fans but i am a super huge fan of your’s i watched you when you started your career in ECW in the early 90’s and been a fan ever since. You are a my idol, i remember at your last ECW show Christian told you ” no matter what you are forever the heart and soul of ECW” that you ARE!!… alot of people out there say ECW is dead but for me the ECW, The real ECW is forever in my heart and that will never die

  5. Ciaran Says:

    Hey Tommy,

    Greetings from Dublin,Ireland!

    Wrestlemania 23 was my favourite WWE-ECW moment too,along with the original one night stand PPV in 2005.it’s a pity that the WWE-ECW tv shows didnt continue in the same vain as the PPV’s.
    Just wondering if you have any inclination to start your own training academy?something along the lines of what Lance Storm is operating in Calgary.

    Thanks and best wishes,

  6. LJG Says:

    Tommy, I just want you to know that you was an amazing in old ECW. You are the Legend. This match with Sandman was amazing. You took whole life to do it. You did it man. You was, you are, you ever will be Hardcore Guy. Love you. L.J.G

  7. Unsane Says:

    Tommy I went to your last match and that speech was beautful, I can’t wait for june 12th

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