An Extreme Original

September 23, 2010

I want to apologize for not staying on top of my website with blogs. I had a very busy summer alot of personal things going on, where I did not have my laptop. Sadly I dont know my own passwords, plus I am not the most computer literate guy in the world to begin with. My addiction to Twitter plays a factor, for updating everyone to my thoughts of the moment, but no excuses. I figure that I can blog once a week on this site. I am happy with the amount of positive reviews the site has gotten. I have a great team that works on it, that I am forever grateful to call friends. They just updated my store for tshirts and soon 8 x 10 photos and whatever other things I can think of. I have been always answering emails that I get on the site so I hope all that send them are happy. I am proud of how it looks and will continue to upgrade it.

I am so excited about this weekend for many reasons.
1. My first TNA Live Events.
I went to a show when I was under contract with WWE. It so reminded me of the days of ECW. rabid crowds that love their wrestling. I have heard about the TNA fan friendly show. If anyone that knows me(obviosly you do if you are reading this) You know I love that. I look forward to seeing how TNA handles this extremely important aspect of the wrestling business.

On Friday at 8 am I return to The Danny Bonaduce Radio show. Danny is hardcore, nuts, extreme and a wrestling fan. He is a perfect fit for the wrestling buisness. I enjoy promoting the hell out of all shows. I really enjoy doing radio. (Some even say i have the face for it). Danny knows the product and you have a free forum on his show. The last time I was on his show I gave him a concussion, compliments of a guitar over the head. he was lucky Jeff Jarrett wasn’t there. he swings a mighty one as well. Who knows what will happen next. Look forward to the mayhem. Throw in Sign O mania in Philly on Sat morning.A huge autograpgh convention. the fan in me comes out when I see some of the legends as well as catching up with old friends.

What a great loop of live events. Hammerstein Ballroom,NY Thursday. ECW Arena Philly on Friday, Rahway NJ on Sat. I don’t just like it because I have homefield advantage. I have so much history in the Hammerstein Ballroom and the ECW Arena. The saying of blood sweat and tears can never be so true.(There is enough of my DNA splattered all over that building either CSI NY, Dexter or basically you could have a clone show made of me there) I have so many amazing memories in those two buildings. They really seem to bring out the best in ring performances in me. I refused to go back to either building since I left the Original ECW, until I did it on my own terms. Stubborn yes, but it was so worth it. ECW ONS 2005 was the first time I went back to Hammerstein. A show that I had everything invested in. WWE gave me the ball and everyone helped deliver an amazing show. I almost lost my ear, bled buckets and set on fire.(what a night I had my ECW closure ohh yeah I cried with fans) ECW ONS 2006 another great night in ring tagging with Terry Funk and Beulah vs Edge and Mick Foley and Lita. Alot was hanging in the balance with the future of the WWE’s ECW another amazing PPV was delivered. I was beaten, thrown in barbed wire, watched Mick Foley go on fire, and Beulah took one of the greatest spears ever. I returned one last time for a tv taping with the Sandman vs Mike Knoxx & Test. I was bloody, thrown in barbed wire. I had my last grasp at what WWE’s ECW should have been, but at least I got to leave my hand print all over Kelly Kelly’s booty. I had one of my favorite matches there in OG ECW the I Quit match with CW Anderson. I was thrown in razor wire in that one. I was part of a back to back sellouts in a tag title tournanment. It was the home of the OG ECW last PPV. I don’t know what I can do to top what I have done. I guess some combo of barbed wire, fire, tables, women. I have the perfect opponent for it Abyss monsters ball match. God do I love my job!

I have been back to the ECW arena twice. Once to start off the WWE ECW live event tour. It was so emotional. We all had such high hopes. It was a great night. I took on the ECW Champion the Big Show. Weapons galour and tables. I was really proud of the match. The second time was for Chikara. They inducted me into the building Hall of Fame. Chikara is so different and entertaining to me. They have their own niche. It is a very fast tempo style. I challenged myself to fit their style. I was very happy with that match as well. There isnt enough things I can say about the ECW Arena. The memories are forever in my soul. I can sum it up this way. I was born Thomas Laughlin in Yonkers NY. When I die I will be most remembered for being Tommy Dreamer. Tommy Dreamer was born in the ECW Arena in Philadelphia. I wouldn’t have it any other way. AJ Styles you will get to see what I am all about and why that building is so special.

Rahway, NJ was the first show I did after I left WWE for an independent company called EVOLVE. It was an uncertain time for me but it made me remember why I got into this buisness. I watched a bunch of men and women busting their asses for the love of what they do, the wrestling biz. Since then I have evolved as a person and peformer. I also am looking to a first, with me and Mr.Anderson as well as Jeff Hardy and Abyss in a fatal four way.

They say you can you can always go home. I am blessed with so many places to call home. I am going back to my roots. I am coming home.
Thanks for reading
Tommy Dreamer


Legends of the Ring Saturday

May 12, 2010

I have been traveling the world wrestling outside of WWE for the last few months. One of the things I look forward the most is running into old friends. Wrestling is like a very dysfunctional family,but we are still family. I haven’t seen some of my old friends in almost 10 years. As soon as I do, it is like we never left.

hen I was a kid, there was never any conventions or places to meet wrestlers, except at the matches.
Yes times have changed, but one thing that makes it all worth it to me, is the stories that the fans tell me. Their stories of how either I or ECW effected their lives. Even if it is for a couple of minutes, it makes it all worth while to me to hear this. I truly love meeting the people that watched me thru the years.

This Saturday, May 15 I will have the chance to do it again. The Legends of the Ring Fanfest is coming to Monroe NJ. It is a chance to meet some of the people, that have entertained you through the years. I as a fan of pro wrestling, also get to meet some wrestlers that I never have met before. I am bringing my Ivan Koloff and Jimmy Valiant books to be signed. I am gonna tell them thanks for making me a fan.

You never know what is going to happen tomorrow, you may not ever get the chance to see some of those people ever again. I haven’t seen the man who trained me WWE Hall Of Famer Johnny Rodz in forever. I look forward to seeing him personally.

If you need any other reasons to come to one of the larger wrestling conventions I have formulated a list of why I would personally want to be there and look forward in doing so.

1. For collector’s purposes: The WWE Encyclopedia everyone asks me to sign. It is a chance to get them signed from people that rarely do any conventions. Rico, Ivory, The Mean Street Posse and I even heard A-Train is pulling himself away from the sushi buffet and he is going to make it. I hope I see a Hip Hop Hippo picture somewhere.

2. TNA owner Dixie Carter is going to be there. She is also going to be answering your questions. I don’t see Vince doing that at Wrestlemania Fan AXXESS.
3. Divas, Knockouts, Playboy Playmates are there.(sorry, I am a guy!) I will have my own Penthouse Pet and Playboy girl with me Beulah McGillicutty there. I hear she never gets out of the house.

4. Movie star Kurrgan of 300 and Sherlock Holmes is in the house. Hopefully he won’t dance.

5.You can tell Brother Love how much you LOVEEEEE him or hate him depending if you know him or not.

6. WWE Hall Of Famer Gerald Brisco – You can tell how much him and his brother meant to tag team wrestling.

7. Over 12 people that held World championships.

8. Current TNA talent will be there representing their brand

9. WWE HOFers will be there

10.Many trendsetters and people that did it first will be there. Before John Cena brought his Thuganomics to the world of wrestling P N News was Yo babying on the scene. The first Diva Sunny. The first female ring announcer Mike McGuirk

Finally if you are getting sick of reading my lists of why I think you should attend this Saturday Legends of the Ring Convention. Stevie Richards is going to be there. I heard he is a Doctor now. He can cure your sickness

Thanks for reading
Tommy Dreamer


An Extreme Original

April 29, 2010

Today is a day of rememberence for me. An unknown hero of  ECW was laid to rest today. Many people have heard stories of the crazy Original ECW. Some have even grown into urban legend. Some stories have been fabricated or truth stretched in DVD’s,books or movies. I was there through most of the stories and have a fond memories of them all. The tv show ECW was produced in a small surburban home in Pelham NY. Someone’s den was converted into a tv studio and all of those great TV moments came from that house. Lena Buffone was the woman who let ECW into her house. She was one of the nicest person I have ever met. She was an old school Italian woman, who welcomed every ECW  wrestler into her home. I spent much of my twenties  in that studio learning, creating and becoming a bigger fan of the business I love. Lena put up with crazy Paul E yelling on the phone trying to fix one of ECW many problems. Wrestler interviews were done in her basement. All the Joey Styles OH My Gods came from her house. Her kitchen table would be surrounded with tapes that had to go to the different tv studios. She would interupt her own families laundry so we could do interviews. One time some wrestlers went out to smoke a “special ” cigarettes and when they thought they got busted in an uncomfortable situation, she offered then ashtrays as she described for their funny little cigarettes. ECW was 24hours a day for me,Paul and her son Ron. We would work through the night editing the tv show and Joey Styles would come in the morning to voice over the finished product. She would leave food out for us at night and have breakfast in the morning. She made a cameo apperance in the movie Beyond the Mat, ironing clothes which was set up for movie purposes, but wasn’t to far of a stretch of the truth. Wrestlers would stroll thru her living room to create their interviews so their stories would be continued. Pitbulls  with their chains,Gangsta’s, Shane Douglass, Rick Rude, scantily clad women, Raven,BWO and Mick Foley’s favorite promos were done in her house.

I just wanted the world to know about an unsung hero of  ECW’s passing. Without her love and support of her family, ECW would have never aired anywhere. She didn’t want anyone to be sad of her passing. So I wanted to share some great thoughts with my other family, the wrestling world. I will miss seeing you every Christmas Eve. I hope when I get to heaven you are waiting for me with a plate of pasta because as she always said “I am a growing boy”. Maybe in her honor you can all think of a great moment from someone that has passed or better yet reach out to someone and let them know how much you care about them.

Lena Buffone I annoint you as the Matraich of ECW, because without you ECW couldn’t have existed. I am a better person for having you in my life. Now that some of  your story has been told, I hope the rest of the world is as well. God bless

Thanks for reading

Tommy Dreamer

An Extreme Original

March 22, 2010

I have decided to rename my blog since I am no longer with WWE. I went with the title because it is who I am. I am proud of it and it can relate to a literary masterpiece or the ramblings of a crazy man. If you are on this site well you already know all of that about me anyway. So I hope you enjoy my new blog. It is nothing earth shattering just giving all a glimpse into my week ahead of me.

I am about to leave on an awesome adventure. I am headed to Vegas today to do a Communications convention on Tuesday. I leave Tuesday night to arrive back in NY at 7:00 am just to fly out at 1:00 pm to Japan. I arrive on Thursday night in Japan, then we have a press conference and a show on Friday night where I will be seeing my good friend Taijiri. We are having a special meet and greet after the show so I can hang with all of my Japanese extreme friends. Then on Saturday I fly from Japan to LA, then LA to Phoenix wrestle on Dragon’s Gate show and then fly home the same evening with a brief layover in Minneapolis. I arrive on Sunday morning. I will be leaving again on Monday morning for a few days, but I will update everyone after that. I will be without a computer so I will have limited axcess but will keep you posted when I can. Be safe have a great week. Enjoy your Wrestlemania weekend.

Thanks for reading
Tommy Dreamer

A Last Original Thought

March 11, 2010

Well this is my last blog but before I go I need to address a few things.

1. I will still answer any questions on WWEUniverse till April 1,2010(not an early April Fools joke)

You can all follow me on Twitter or at my brand new website

I will continue to answer all your questions just like I do here.

2. My favorite WWE/ECW was sharing the grandest stage of them all Wrestlemania 23. I had my close friends as my partners(RVD Sabu Sandman) we faced a very talented group of men(all of whom I got jobs for in WWE). My dear friends Joey Styles and Taz got to call the action. Announcer Justin Roberts and referee Scott Armstrong made their Mania debuts. Behind the scenes my friend and former ECW original Dean Malenko and my idol Dusty Rhodes helped make the match happen. Most importantly Beulah McGillicutty and my kids got to see their first Wrestlemania and the first time seeing daddy wrestle(they were more impressed with the “fireworks” but still it was cool for me). It was for me a perfect night. I was at the very first Wrestlemania. It left such an impression with me. It took me a lifetime but I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else that night. I had a way to show the world what ECW was all about, what could have been and I could have only dreamed a better way to do it.(Wrestler’s note the Extreme Rules rematch 2 days later was a better match but not the setting and we lost that one so don’t watch it haha)

3. My leaving WWE was the hardest thing to do in my life. I refer to it as WWE A.D.(After Dreamer).I worked almost 10 years there. I truly liked, all the people associated with the company. I miss them and the fans everyday. I left for many reasons, which I will not discuss here. ECW was my world and all that I have is because of ECW. My connection to the fans is something that means so much to me. Fact, when I was the main event on ECW I was the highest rated main event every year. You can look it up. (me and Chavo Guerrero 1.6, me and Mark Henry 1.5, me and Koslov 1.3 and that match was poopoo. Hell me and Big Daddy V did a 1.2) many men and women came on that show and it was good old reliable me that was the highest rated every year. That is a hard pill to swallow, when you hear of the failing ratings of ECW. Networks wanting to change the show because of ratings. If you want to read into my leaving ECW, you can relate it to the Conan O Brien saga with his show. I felt I left my mark in WWE with the many men and women I hired to help realize their dreams. The many people I have encountered in my tenure in WWE is something I hold deep within my heart. I hope that I have influenced your life somehow, because you all have influenced mine. See you on Twitter or

Thanks for the memories

Be good to each other


Tommy Dreamer

An Original Thought

March 8, 2010

Well with tonight marking the last episode of ECW. I will stick to my guns. I have one more blog after this and I am done. My friend Joey Styles has a great blog on WWE Universe about ECW and he addressed many of my thoughts (you think that guy knows how to tell a story of something almost like he was an announcer). I suggest you give it a read. He left out that on WWE Classics that I am his co host and I have a great time doing that. As a follower of the old ECW you get some deep insight into the insane behind the scenes of crazy ECW. We also have a ton of fun and make alot of jokes at everyones expense.

The Internet is a buzz about WWE dropping the ECW ball. Well lets look at what the world likes to call the WWE’s greatest blunder the XFL. It looked like a great idea on paper. It had great network support but after the first week and great ratings, those ratings started to fall. Why? I feel  the level of play. Many die hard football fans realized that there was a reason the players were not in the NFL. Maybe they just did not belong. That could also hold true to the tv show ECW, no matter how hard we all worked, it could never be what it was, for so many reasons, I do not want to get into. However everyone wants to knock Vince McMahon for the XFL, but look at this many aspects of the XFL have been stolen by the NFL. The field camera view. The behind the scene lockeroom stuff. Having the viewer be almost on the field at all times, was what the XFL was all about. The NFL Network and every channel that carries football now does what that XFL tried to bring. So instead of blaming Vince. He deserves some credit for shaping the NFL the way it is today. As well as having the grapefruits for taking on the task. If you think about it Vince McMahon’s vision good or bad has us all talking about his actions.

Many WWE Superstars had taken pride being on the ECW brand. I personally want to thank them all for their bumps, sweat and bruises during their ECW tenure. Everyone wanted more for themselves and the brand. I am sure Christian will continue to work his hardest to entertain on the last ECW show.

Here is my #2 favorite personal moment of the new ECW

June 7, 2009 Extreme Rules PPV

The night I won the ECW Championship. I had made the pledge to leave ECW, if I did not win the ECW title. Many behind the scenes things were going on and I had taken enough. I put it all on the line and I did it. I was overwhelmed with emotion. I could not believe all the signs that were made for me. I loved the match. I loved the celebration afterwards. It proved to the world and to myself I still mattered. Thanks new ECW.

Thanks for reading,

Tommy Dreamer

An Original Thought

March 8, 2010

Well with ECW having 3 weeks left. I have decided so do I. I had an amazing farewell to ECW on TV. So I will do two more blogs on WWE Universe and fade away like ECW and wait to see what is NXT.

Some people are happy, some people are sad about ECW going off the air. The Original die hard ECW fans knew it wasn’t the same. That Original ECW was a magical time in wrestling and can never be duplicated. If you go back in the archives of my blogs,you can read many opinions of those days. I think the new ECW had some great expectations, but had some extreme shoes to fill in. Let us not pass negative judgement on the show. As a fan I have enjoyed many moments of ECW TV (except for anything involving Abraham Washington or Koslov no offense).

Let us not forget the WWE Superstars that were part of ECW and elevated their game to go to RAW or Smackdown. CM Punk, Sheamus, Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger, Kelly Kelly (even though she went on dates with Balls Mahoney)  and The Hart Dynasty were unknowns till making it in ECW and now look at them.

The New ECW helped revive careers and gave many WWE Supertars a second chance to show the world their talents. Christian, John Morrison, Mark Henry, Shelton Benjamin, Goldust, William Regal, Kane, Matt Striker, Todd Grisham, Big Show, Matt Hardy, Chavo Guerrero and it pains me to say even the Miz

Think of how much better Raw or Smackdown will become with the additions of Ezekial Jackson, Yoshi Tatsu, Croft and Barreta, Vance Archer and even the WOO WOO WOO Guy.

So all should not be so negative and as I always say appreciate what you have because one day it may be gone.

In closing I will leave you each week with my three personal favorite moments in the new ECW

#3 2008 Royal Rumble

The Rumble is my favorite PPV concept. Having been to many WWE events at Madison Square Garden. It was a dream come true. I can not tell you the emotion and pure rush the crowd gave me when my music was hit. They roof blew in the Garden. I was in the ring with legends The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels. I had seperate chants of ECW, Tommy and lets go Dreamer for the entire time I was in there. The crowd let out a huge boo when Batista eliminated me and were vocally disappointed. I on the other hand did not mind not going to the main event of Wrestlemania. I had just recieved the greatest two minutes of my life. Thanks ECW.

Thanks for reading

Be good to each other

Tommy Dreamer